Lucky Book

Choose one of the scenes you listed for Exercise 1, and write part of the scene. Try to weave in some descriptive details

Christmas! I’m sure I received many gifts that year. But I can’t remember any of them except what I got from my sister Roxanne. Yes, it was just what you are thinking – a blue plastic flashlight necklace!  I couldn’t wait to wear it to school. And I did, the very first day we returned from Christmas break. Everybody loved it.

Well, that same day happened to be Story Day in my class. Whenever my teacher read a book to the whole class, one lucky student got to take the book home.    “James and the Giant Peach” was such a great story.   The centipede told James that he did not even have 100 legs.   And it was me who got picked to take the book home.   I was the lucky student.

After school I didn’t even put the book into my military-green canvas knapsack.   I crossed the avenue at the corner, carrying the book.  As soon as I reached the curb, someone grabbed my coat sleeve. I whirled around.  It was Robert.  He shouted, “Give me that flashlight necklace!”.   I screamed, “No! It’s mine!”.   And I flapped that paperback book right at him. He didn’t follow me home and never bothered me again.

Good thing I had that book in my hand.



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