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Born in Finland. Learned to walk in North America. Learned to talk in China. Went to school in Ceylon. Registered Sick Children's Nurse in England. Volunteer in India. Founded a Children's Home in Thailand. Have four children and ten grand children. Rheumatoid Arthritis. Five books - written in Swedish, published in Finland.

O means only that she’s growin Old

O means only that she’s growing Old Anna turned 40 the year I was born. She had given birth to six children in eight years. She had buried her first born son just days before his fourth birthday. When he … Continue reading

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You have no right to stay here

Anna was alone with her five children – again, this time in Hong Kong. The Immigration officer looked in her passport – the one with the picture of her together with all her children. “You have no right to stay … Continue reading

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The bridge was gone. A small painted warning sign made my brother stop the car. There was no other traffic just here, though we had met and passed bullock carts, cars, trucks, cows, goats, and stray dogs along the dusty … Continue reading

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Water all around

Water was everywhere; frozen slabs of the Yellow China Sea all around us. We were on a ship waiting for the pilot to take us into the harbor of Tanku, Tientsin. The pilot had gone to celebrate the Chinese New … Continue reading

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M is for the million things she gave me

Focus, focus, focus How can I count the value of all that Mother gave me? She gave Security in the midst of chaotic moves from place to place, from country to country, away from war zones.  Trust in the loving … Continue reading

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The Meeting by the Road

I’m looking for the road where I was to meet someone I knew long ago. I’m not sure who it is and exactly where I’m supposed to go. The guide said I will recognize the place and the person when … Continue reading

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My road to India

India The passport controller at the tiny airport of Tiruchirapally, South India, turned the pages of my fairly new passport over and over again. At last he asked, “Madam, how have you come to India without a passport? It would … Continue reading

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