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Lesson 5 exer 1

CWN MEMOIR Lesson 5   KEY SCENES   Having a neurological out/ in body spiritual experinces. Lying on the concrete outside my home stroking in bliss. Seeing double and side ways in the ICU. Being admitted tot he hospital (floor). … Continue reading

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LESSON 4 Highlites of Memior

Stroke just happened no warning signs:   I was healthy no signs of this coming on interestingly though I did have a dream of my headaches blowing up couple days before I had the stroke and it  was a week … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 memoir

exercise 1 my bedroom measured about 9′ x 12′  with 2 double hung windows, with white painted moulding (victorian style) wall painted light aqua green. small closet to store closes and such.  bedroom was located off the kitchen on the … Continue reading

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Lesson 2 3 related topics for memior

CWN   LESSON 2 EXEC 1   3 RELATED TOPICS TO THE 3 WRITEN FOR MEMIOR IDEAS:   1 # 3 Since my strokes life since my strokes   Understanding my new life style ( which was not easy) living … Continue reading

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:esson One 10 possible topics

CWN 10 POSSIBLE TOPICS for a MEMIOR My mother from adolescence to young adulthood till the birth of her 3 children. My father from adolescence (studing to be a priest, wroting poety and studying business, being WW II (front lines) … Continue reading

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