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Author of the Blood Scrolls Trilogy and English teacher in Japan. I love to write, read, travel, run and collect soft toys. Send me a message and say hi!

Can I ask a favour from fellow writers?

Hi everyone. I know this is a little unorthadox, but I figured since it’s the memoir blog I’d bring this here. Since beginning the memoir writing course, I’ve naturally been writing a lot of memoirs. An event happened in my … Continue reading

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Lesson 6: My Childhood Fear, Fire

I jumped awake, and my heart sank as I realised what time it was. The murky darkness of the street outside crept into my room, and I squinted in the darkness until I could see the outline of my door, … Continue reading

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Lesson 2: Trips to Skye

Writing exercise from the topic “Surprise Trips to Skye”. We’d go to bed and wake up in the car, still wearing our pyjamas, wrapped up in a blanket and cuddled up with our headrests, ladybird for me and sheep for … Continue reading

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Lesson 1: The song that reminds me of HER.

Chris De Burgh’s “Ship to Shore” blasted through the speakers way too loudly as we sped along the motorway at ninety miles an hour. I sat in the back seat, glaring at the driver. She was my aunt – and … Continue reading

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Homework Lesson #1: 10 Topics to Write About

Ooh, look at me, using ‘hastags’ for their original intended purpose. Anyway. Lesson 1 recieved! First week’s homework was to write ten possible topics to write about as a memoir. Here they are. If you could, let me know which … Continue reading

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