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I'm a 70 yr old beginner. I was a secretary for 43 years, so I feel comfortable with a keyboard. I've had a life filled with bumpy roads, but I've also experienced a lot of love and fun along the way. You've got to have a sense of humour to get you through the dark times. Over the past few years, I've started to write, and I find an escape to "the zone" (somewhat the same as I used to experience when painting.) I'm interested now in writing my memoirs, so I've decided to take this course. It will be interesting to see the writing of others in the process and I'm looking forward to it.

Lesson 3, Exercise 3:

Make a list of 5 important events or moments from the time frame you have chosen. There was a polio epidemic in the 50’s – we all had to be vaccinated, but it was too late for some children. My … Continue reading

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Lesson 3: Come up with at least 5 details about your childhood bedroom.

Exercise 1: Our first bedroom (shared by 3 sisters) was on the top floor overlooking the street outside. There was one double bed (occupied by my older sister) and a set of bunk beds. My younger sister and I slept … Continue reading

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I was in my room at our local mental hospital where I was undergoing insulin shock therapy as treatment for my depression. My parents came to visit me, which was unusual in that my father was there at all. Mom … Continue reading

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The Old Rugged Cross

Warm and comfortable in the back seat of our family’s ’48 Dodge, my parents’ harmonizing in the front seat was lulling me to sleep. They were singing “The Old Rugged Cross”, an old favourite of theirs. Their harmony was beautiful. … Continue reading

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