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What's important enough to say here? I'm mid-50s and I want to be a wirter when I grow up! I work a day job but I've been journalling since age 11. Most recently I took a Mindful Writing class that really brought me to this place. I'm looking forward to feedback and honing my skills in this class.

Day at the Beach (Childhood Fear) please comment

When I was just a toddler, maybe 3 years old, Dad and Mom took me to the beach in the summer.  We rode in the big car for hours, dragging a pop-up camper behind.  There is a black and white … Continue reading

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Description of place

The wooden barn-like structure smelled of cedar and dog. We were led first through a half-door, the top being held back with a blue bungee. I spotted some young dogs that were not Dobermans. I didn’t know what they were, … Continue reading

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One-line summary. Is this intriguing enough?

For those who have read my previous posts, I’ve decided to pursue “Promise Dog.” This is my one-line summary: How a 180-lb. Fila Brasileiro was God’s promise to me in the darkest time of my life, that everything would be … Continue reading

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Lesson 2-Topics with additional content

Thank you to those who have commented on my previous posts! In doing this lesson, I found several topics from my initial list really jumped out at me.  Not only did I find more related ideas, they were also easier … Continue reading

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A Rainy December Night

Ok, here goes.  I posted a list of ideas earlier, but I’m itching to write, so this is my song assignment.  Comments appreciated. It was cold.  Skin-tingling, bone-chilling cold.  I gripped the narrow steering wheel in my padded nylon gloves … Continue reading

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Memoir Ideas. Comments welcome & appreciated.

Hello all.  I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days and I think I’ve finally come up with a list of ideas.  Please comment & let me know which sound the most interesting to you: 1)     The Lost … Continue reading

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