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There is no sleezy dwarf

“Dopey, Sleepy,” Kenny paused. “Sleezy,” he finished with a smirk. A ripple of subdued laughter passed through the room. The judge raised one eyebrow. “I’m sorry Miller High School. Sleezy was NOT one of Disney’s Seven Dwarfes. Would another team … Continue reading

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I did not want to sit down. Every time I sit down I’d start shaking my right leg like crazy. My dad used to ask, “What are you doing, pumping for oil?” So, instead of pumping for oil I took … Continue reading

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

“Come on slow poke. They’re waiting for us,” Tracy urged. “This thing is heavy,” I whined. “Why do I have to carry the radio?” “Cause I said so.” I stuck out my tongue and rolled my eyes. Tracy loved being … Continue reading

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The main conflict I want to explore is the conflict between loving my Dad and being taught from my mother that he was “bad” and someone to be feared. My mom’s mental illness led to feelings of extreme inferiority, paranoia … Continue reading

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Dad pulled the top of the sardines. A briny, metallic scent attracted Fuzznuts to the kitchen. Fuzznuts, Dad’s yellow tomcat, meowed loudly and clawed his pants leg. “Hey girls, I have a snack for you,” Dad laughed. “Eewww, no,” we … Continue reading

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“Just like Daddy” picture memory

Despite the inches of snow I did not feel cold. Daddy never wore a coat so I thought, “I’ll be like Daddy.” I refused to wear my coat even out in the snow. My older sister bundled up in her … Continue reading

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“You’re What?”

He sat across from me fiddling with his pop glass.  “I have something to tell you.” I smiled and thought, “He’s going to ask me to be his girlfriend.”  We spent most evenings together.  We’d talk, laugh and cuddle.  I … Continue reading

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Nut house

“No pissing,” she cackled. None of us laughed along. Her confusion between piss and pass on the road sign frightened us. She’d been strange for days. I always hated taking her to the hospital. Inevitably it would be late at … Continue reading

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