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Retired Software Engineer - living in USA - started writing short stories about my (primitive) childhood experience in Algeria - (Kabylia Region, East of Algiers). No running water, no toilets, no schools... life was similar to middle ages... but the War of Independence against France (In the 1950's) brought more misery but changed the entire natural life of the paysants in Kabylia... BUT relocation of civilian population provided opportunity for younger children to go to school...'I am one of the lucky ones who made it..." By the Way Algeria is the native country of St Augustine, who really ate couscous at every supper with vegetable soup. In addition, the largest Kasbah in north Africa is in Algiers, a small one in Morocco. Finally, Albert Camus is native (French) Algerian, Nober Prize Winer for his literary and philosophical work.

In Lesson 3: mention of writing flash-back and flash-forward.

Hello! I like the ideas of back-flash in particular ; but don’t know how to use theses technique of flash-back and flash-forward in my writing… especially, how to introduce the scenes, what are the technical transitions to use, and so on. … Continue reading

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