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I am a retired wife, Mother, real estate agent and a volunteer at the Food pantry Newport, Oregon. I grew up in the south and married an Eskimo form Alaska. I started to write about our awesome journey, three years ago. My gold is to write a memoir about our forty- seven year journey together. I am excited to begin this writing class.

lesson exercise 1

LESSON 7 EXERCISE 1 (Part 1) Make an updated list of the most important events you’ll be writing about. 1) The 2nd day and the deer hunt. 2) Anniversaries 3) The day I cooked liver and onions 4) ) walk … Continue reading

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Lesson 5 exercise 2 How we meet

Meeting Dick the first time My husband Jerry was in the Navy and we had just arrived at our new duty station, Adak Alaska, located on the Aleutian Islands with our two young daughters four and seven. When our household … Continue reading

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lesson 4 conflict from lesson 1

I should not have planned this trip. First nigh of seven more to go. Oh my God! This bed feels like a brick. However, will I sleep? Whatever was I thinking!? Nothing is going as I had planned it. There … Continue reading

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Exercise 3 How fast the weather can change

 I  am not sure that I understand how to do this posting. I except all help and comments. Thanks Betty Jo EXERCISE 3:   Which topic did you choose to write about first?  The Alaskan remote hunting trip.   Which … Continue reading

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Exercise 2 Theme

Theme Love conquers all

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Lesson 4 Conflicts lesson 4

Careless planning Dick and I grabbed our backpacks and headed to the cabin to give the pilot space to load the hunters gear. As we’re walking away, I tug on Dick’s jacket sleeve, “did you see those two hunters giving … Continue reading

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Family photo

This is a photo, from 1952 . The a Occasion is, Our annual Pot luck and gathering of family and friends. Family and close friends setting on the front porch of my grand parent’s home A swing is at one … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 exercise 6 one line summary of memoir

EXERCISE 6: Take a few minutes to write a one-line summary of your memoir. If you’re still not sure of the focus, you might try several options. THIS IS A true STORY ABOUT ABOUT A WOMAN WHO is DESPERATE TO … Continue reading

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re write of lesson 3 exercise 3

EXERCISE 3: Make a list of 5 important events or moments from the time frame you have chosen. EVENT AND MOMENT 1) Event Going to to Frazer lake 2) Event I started to address my husbands drinking 3) Ice forming … Continue reading

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lesson 3 exercise 3 week 1

LESSON 4 EXERCISE 1: Make a list of some conflicts (big or small, external or internal) that you could include in your memoir. Summarize each one briefly. 1) TRYING TO CONVINCE MY HUSBAND THAT I CAN DO THE TWENTY-MILE WALKOUT. … Continue reading

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