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I was born in the early fifties in Pakistan . I was born to parents who were married young . Within a span of 8 years of their marriage they had four children. Later my family settled in the part of Pakistan that is now Bangladesh . I have been married for last four decades and have two adult children. My eldest brother went to liberation war of '71 , never to return.

Between the riot and war

It was the time between July 1964 to April 1965 in East Pakistan This was the ten-month time slot between Hindu-Muslim riot of January ‘64 and the India-Pakistan war in August ’65. We moved to this rented flat with Boro … Continue reading

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Our Family photo; 1965

A FAMILY PICTURE — 1965 This is a family picture in black and white. My father, mother, two brothers, me and my youngest sister. We are standing in front of the newly built house in Dhanmondi. We had specially dressed … Continue reading

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