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I enjoy writing and taking courses with others. I particularly enjoy the courses offered through this group and have completed a few of them over the last couple years. Not only is the instruction terrific, I learn so much from my classmates' writing too. This course is no exception. There have been some beautiful and touching posts and I am grateful to be a part of such an experience.

Thanks to all of you

Hi everyone.  I will be leaving on a vacation tomorrow (which will include a few days at a writers conference…a little intimidating) and wanted to say thank you for sharing such a terrific experience.  I learned so much from you … Continue reading

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Reflections from an Epicenter

“What on earth is our store doing on TV?” I said pointing accusatorily at the television set on the shelf above the cash register in the antique shop. “Oh lady, there was a really bad earthquake in California this morning. … Continue reading

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They Eat Fish Don’t They?

“I think something is eating the fish,” I mentioned to my husband. “You know, I was wondering about that.” Jim mused.  “Last few times I checked on them there didn’t seem to be nearly as many and I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Goddess Camp

It was 1995 and although the death of my father had occurred two years before, the end of my mourning seemed nowhere in sight and I found myself in real danger of being permanently stuck with the grief and anger … Continue reading

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A Conversation With A Priest

“Well, I just don’t think I can lie to a priest,” I said again in the car on the way to the rectory. “Oh no, no of course not.”  He was thoughtful. After further contemplation and with appreciation of how … Continue reading

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The Lark Ascending

The Lark Ascending My father grew to love classical music later in life, after spending his boyhood in real poverty during the Great Depression in rural Utah outside Salt Lake City, after lying about his age in order to join … Continue reading

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