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I am Bill and am 60 years old. I appreciate any comments on my work and will try to read all the works posted. I will provide comments as best as I am able as a student.

Master’s – Yes or No MW 8

Master’s – Yes or No The application for and the acceptance of my Master’s program at University of Idaho was convoluted and many years in the making. Upon completion of my undergraduate degree at University of Saskatchewan, I applied and … Continue reading

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A World of Difference MW 7 Ex 3

A World of Difference Reminiscing about teachers both bad and good, I am transported back to my Junior High School, Grade 8 to be specific. I experienced my worst teacher ever and one of my best teacher ever in the … Continue reading

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Wary of Water MW 6

Wary of Water We were fishing in the spring in a fast mountain stream with family friends. I was six years old and watching my “uncle” fish. He hooked on to a real beauty, three pounds at least.  Ever the … Continue reading

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Crabby Kids – MW 5 Ex 2

Crabby Kids My wife and two toddler daughters were visiting my terrestrial research sites in SE Alaska on Prince of Wales Island. Where the island was not clear cut, the island was dominated by tall dark green coniferous forests.  The … Continue reading

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Power of Thought – MW 4 Ex 2

Power of Thought In my brother’s senior year, we were transplanted from Calgary to Richmond. I was one grade behind him.  We suffered severe culture shock and a huge upheaval in our once stable social lives.  Making new friends was … Continue reading

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Saturday Cinnamon Buns – MW3

Saturday Cinnamon Buns My brother and I were some of the first latch key kids with both parents working out of the home. We were quite independent at an early age.  With two working parents we made own lunches, saw … Continue reading

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The Negotiation MW 2

The Negotiation The three week sampling trip to Venezuela was scheduled next week at the beginning of December and we would finish just before Christmas. All my various shots were done, the tetanus shot leaving my left arm sore.  Getting … Continue reading

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Hey Jude Lesson 1 MW

Hey Jude I was now in Grade 8 at George P. Vanier Junior High School, it was early fall. The school dance was almost over.  I had yet to ask anyone to dance. I had been watching Barbara in her … Continue reading

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