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A preschool teacher who has been writing since high school days. I have also been a participant of writing groups in my area.

Ex 6: 5 main events of 1971-2

5 important events that occurred during the time frame chosen I was in Jr. High and a very impressionable kid. I was quiet and sensitive so I spent a lot of time imagining things that could never come true. I … Continue reading

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Lesson 6 Scene: Brian’s Song

Brian Piccolo lay in the hospital bed, motionless. The tubes in his arm were supplying the chemo that his body was not responding to. He looked to be frozen in pain, as frozen as his sterile room with its bare … Continue reading

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Lesson 4: Opt. Exercise: Conflict scene

I saw his silhouette coming into view as he approached the door and my stomach began to churn. He quickly entered looking disheveled and distracted but looked around in dissatisfaction at the dishes piled in the sink and clothes strewn … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 Ex 4 The Beginning of my love for football

Ex. 4 Watching college football with my brother, Victor (16) and watch NFL football on Sundays– It was the weekend of my Jr. High days. Autumn was upon us and the air was crisp and cold and all I could … Continue reading

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how my fascination with football grew–5 details

When I was in Jr. High I began to watch football with my brother. He was 16 and on our high school football team. We would watch college football on Saturdays and the NFL on Sundays. I would often forgo … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 Conversation

Lesson3: Writing Exercise—Conversation with Bill   The gloom that hung on my shoulders weighed on my footsteps as I approached the steps to the subway in busy downtown Buffalo. Time to go out and job search again, not to mention … Continue reading

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Writing Lesson 2: 10 Topics

Writing Lesson 1: 10 topics for possible memoirs BY Christine C. 10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned from Tom Brady— ADMIRABLE QUALITITES—APPLICATION OF TEAM PHILOSOPHY—SPIRITUAL CONNECTIONS   Sophie, My Neighbor—HER STRUGGLES—DEATH OF HER HUSBAND—HOW MY MOM HELPED HER  Polish Day Picnic—FOOD AND … Continue reading

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Song–Seasons Change (Expose) by Christine C.

    Writing Exercise Introduction: Reflections of a Song—“Seasons Change” by Expose  As I gaze at the sunset colored foliage on the tree that borders the side street of my college dorm building, I sense the winds of change blowing … Continue reading

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