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Sister Love

One August day, I was  looking out from  the window of  my new bedroom, one of  three of our   townhouse  in Milpitas, a city located within the Silicon Valley,  where we moved into in March 2017. It’s summertime and … Continue reading

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Baking as a Tool for Healing

Around the late 1990s, cross stitching became a fad that everybody in my group of friends, except me, took to  it to while away the time, or possibly to get together to gossip about. In hindsight, and no offense to … Continue reading

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Discovering God’s Love Through Pain

The way I personally experienced God’s love was through the break up of a union that I thought was blissful and made in heaven. It was the 7th of the month of September 1996 when I  confronted my husband (he … Continue reading

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