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About Jail Messenger

Retired, began writing at 72 and first published a book, "More Than Presidents". Now cleaning up the second book, "Tell Them We're Not Monsters, An insightful narrative on female inmates from the perceptions of a jail ministry." to be released in May 2019. Also, serve as a jail minister and GED tutor to female inmates at our county jail. I am doing extensive research on my next book, "Courage to Create a Nation," an in-depth study of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Who Am I?

My mother chose to raise me after I was born to another. I am not sure it was the right choice for her as she was raised in a family of anger, distance and a myriad of dysfunctional behaviors. I … Continue reading

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The Lessons of Adolescence

Looking back at my years in junior high school from the view of a 79-year-old woman is filled with bittersweet memories. I couldn’t wear pants to school despite living in Minnesota. My music teacher used to play the piano at … Continue reading

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