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Half Sheets scene

The dormitory was an old business building. The hallway lights always seemed dim. The washers and dryers were running loudly as he came walking down the stairs from the second floor. I was carrying several books, my purse and backpack. … Continue reading

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Internal conflict -What would Jesus do? -I am an adult. How do I respond like one? -Struggle with do I stay or do I leave? External conflict -Pressure to leave -half sheets -Financial issues

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“You are in the wrong place!”

One of the first conversations I had with one of my colleagues in seminary started with the words, “You are in the wrong place!” This woman came running up to me from the opposite side of the grounds half out … Continue reading

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Half Sheets (part 2)

For Lesson 2: Moving from Chicago, IL to Alexandria, VA -segregation in 2003 -Did the Civil War end? -Race, theology, immigration, integration -If you are a member of a minority, you must work in a kitchen or a hotel. Perceptions … Continue reading

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Half Sheets

I wanted to write a memoir about the first time I experienced racism. It was my first time away from the Chicagoland area. I moved to northern Virginia to attend seminary. I thought I would be spending time with like-minded … Continue reading

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