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Writing is a passion for me, a healing process from past abuse, and a show of strength to other MEN and women that have endured or are enduring. Happiness is around the corner, reach for it, attain it, and embrace it, even if that means walking away.

My Favorite Teacher

Mr. Banchi took to the front of the room, as he had done for many years, reading a classic to us Of Mice and Men. Some of us listened intently, while most of us squirmed in our seats, I was … Continue reading

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Bad Choices

Bad Choices All I wanted was to get my children’s baseball bat from the courtyard of the apartment complex, but Cheryl, my former best friend couldn’t ignore the fact that I was still alive. “Where are you kids?” she yelled … Continue reading

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Optional: A Child’s Perspective

“Oh no, here comes No Legs, run!” I screamed at Melanie. “Why?” “Just run!” I yelled over my shoulder as I ran away from the golf cart slowly making its way down the street toward us. Melanie ran to my … Continue reading

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Temporary Sanity

His eyes reminded me of the water that I swam in as a child in our backyard pool. Yet, I didn’t see much there, as if he had closed his soul off many years before we met. Still, there was … Continue reading

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Milkshakes for All

Cautiously, I balanced the seven milkshakes on my lap, contained in two drink carriers from our local fast food restaurant. Howie leapt from our white minivan and began unbuckling the smallest of the children from their seats. He yelled at … Continue reading

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A Monster

Ah, a mother’s dream, finally my nine-month old daughter fell asleep in my arms. I carried my body, laden with exhaustion, into the master bedroom. Gently, I kissed her still bald scalp, whispered, “I love you, Princess,” and laid her … Continue reading

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Photo Story

I was four years old and everyone around me was so happy that my older sister was getting married. I was really excited, my big sisters were all going to wear beautiful gowns, and my older brother a tiny tux … Continue reading

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Standing in the kitchen I eyed the dishes that were unable to fit into our portable dishwasher, they had been piling up for a week. The dishes stood there, a silent symbol of the chaos and confusion that is caused … Continue reading

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Conversation (Sort of)

Sitting on the couch I couldn’t help but see the piles of clean, unfolded laundry taking up space on the love-seat. This was a sign of all the help that I was not getting while on mandatory bed rest after … Continue reading

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It was the summer of 1981 and we were visiting family in Louisville, Kentucky. Rick Springfield was on the turntable and the words of Jessie’s Girl belted through the speakers shaking the windows. “Wow, that’s loud,” I yelled at Chuck … Continue reading

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