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Lesson 7 – Writing About People

My Least Favorite Teacher In my fourth year in high school in England, approximating to the U.S. 10th grade, my teacher was a priest known as Father Brendan. From his students of an earlier year, he had been awarded the … Continue reading

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Lesson 6 – Voice and Perspective

Lying awake in my bed, I could still hear the muffled voices of the others downstairs. I couldn’t tell what they were saying, but from the tone and pitch of their voices, I sometimes knew who was speaking. The reverberation … Continue reading

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Lesson 5 – Using Scenes

Opening in 1937, the Granada cinema located in the northwest London suburb of Harrow, epitomized the height of the “golden age” of cinema design and technology. The work of Russian theater designer and production director Theodore Komisarjevsky, the Granada seated … Continue reading

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Lesson 3 – Memories from a photograph

I see my sister sitting on the edge of the jacuzzi in the Houston sunshine dangling her feet in the warm, bubbling water. She is surrounded by friends, everyone is laughing. From their expressions, they are laughing out loud, almost … Continue reading

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Lesson 2 – A Conversation which made and impact on my life

Recently promoted to middle management in my company, I was delighted and excited when told I had been enrolled in a management course at business school. The three-week program was to be residential at Ashridge Management College in November. Set … Continue reading

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Lesson 4 – Conflict

Growing up in a catholic family and attending a catholic school, I never saw, let alone read, a bible – “The Bible.” The content was read to us and interpreted by priests. When I was 11, my parents sent me … Continue reading

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Lesson 1 – A Song that brings back memories

Music could always be heard in our house when I was growing up. My father, who played piano by ear, was the only musician—everyone else sung, most of the time in tune. I remember curling up on the couch with … Continue reading

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