It Slitters

It happened when I was about 9 years old . it was a warm summer day and I was walking down the lane toward town to meet one of my friends. I was feeling great!
Walking along looking all around out of the corner of my eye was this pile of rocks. What I saw was not one but 4 very large snakes. My body froze and for a moment I could not move. Then it felt like I jumped a hundred feet into the air and was running as fast as I could even before my feet hit the ground.

When I approached the paved street I stopped and looked around as I caught my breath. I felt sick to my stomach but decided to continue on. My friend asked, “Are you all right?”

At first I couldn’t get the words out but then told of my encounter with four snakes. My friend smiled and said,” I bet you will never go that way again!”. The next day I went down the same path and no snakes could be found guess I scared them off.


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2 Responses to It Slitters

  1. freckles says:

    Snakes! Give me the creeps, although, I did hold a python once.

    The title? It Slitters? I think you used an extra t instead of a h 🙂 Slithers

  2. Jude says:

    Know the feeling and can relate to how you felt. Snakes are a part of life here and this week we found a rather large tree snake peering out of a man made bird’s nest. You were able to express your fright effectively. Well done.

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