Creative Writing : Lesson 5

Exercise 1: Key scenes from my memoir
“Head sticking into the Gladioli
Careering down the road in my blue “”Ferrari’
In the hospital ward with prople dying from what I was suffering from
My retirement function
Going to a bar being attacked. Rosettenville and Johannesburg
Mother and father arguing – a child’s impression of their different viewpoints. ”

Exercise 2. An experience in a raunchy pub.

The cricket team that I supported had qualified for a prestigious cricket cup final. The game was being played at a most impressive cricket stadium across town. I had arranged to attend the game with my girlfriend’s father Jack and his brother Tom. I did not have my own transport and therefore we all traveled together in one car. The game started at 10h00 on a Saturday. The game was played at a frenetic pace but was unfortunately washed out at 16h00 and the game was finalised on the basis of rain interruption and as my team were declared the winners I was satisfied. Jack and Tom had been visiting the bar behind the stands were we sitting and to put it mildly, become rather exuberant. I had managed to circumvent their continual purchases and stay relatively unaffected. At the end of the game we made our way to where we had parked our car. Jack and Tom believed because we had won we needed to celebrate and had already decided that we would visit a pub in the CBD which they frequented regularly and felt safe with. This particular pub although well presented and furnished was known to be a rough and tough place. I had no choice in the matter and had no option but to go for the ride and experience.

We parked some way from the pub and on entering found it to be virtually full with all the patrons smoking which was still permitted much to my disgust. Jack and Tom both of whom were of Yugoslav descent immediately began playing dominoes with a group of Portuguese gamblers. There was no doubt that they all knew each other and I felt relieved.

Everything appeared to be going very well with no antagonism when suddenly it became heated and an argument started. Jack and Tom stood their ground but were outnumbered and soon we had to take flight, including me who had been a spectator up until then.Obviously a punch up ensued and we ran out of the pub each taking our own direction. I was running as fast as I could but my assailant was gaining on me. I decided to stop and take a swing but he drew a knife. This gave me the incentive to run even faster and I soon lost him. I made my way back to the car where I found Jack and Tom and we proceeded to go home. I probably learned a very valuable lesson which was to travel in my own car when there was a possibility that this type of activity might happen.

About Pikkewyn

I am 63 years old and retired, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I always wanted to author something other than work related issues. MY long-term career was as a people oriented Information Technology Project Expert. In this function I have traveled widely and I have many experiences that I have lived through and sharing them is my ultimate dream. Reading other individual's similar renditions I have soon realised that presentation and holding your audience's attention is critical to success. I have the memories and I want to share them with you holistically even though we have varied backgrounds.
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