Creative Writing : Lesson 7

Exercise 1 (Part 1): Updated list of most important events
1. Adulthood and social impact.
2. Tertiary studies and my career.
3. Sport and its influence
4. Stability
5. My marriage
6. Financial stability
7. Future challenges.
Life has a tendency to flow from one segment to another. The list above must cause an interwoven story to unfold holding and demanding the attention of the reader. However the structure needs depth of attraction so the memoir planning happens at the partition level and the storyteller weaves the magic golden thread. Lateral thought drives an author’s thoughts but vertical definition provides the data.”

Exercise 1 (Part 2).
Important way
My vision was narrow but it widened with each of the above phases as I lived through them. Change was a constant in my life with each facet bringing new challenges to the fore. Life however is an enigma and nothing must be taken for granted.
The definition of my neighbourhood was done with sufficient knowledge of what was important and what I stood for in that community. My circumstances provided opportunity for change and this process ensured my transformation.
Having had first hand knowledge of my parents relationship I have always tried my level best not to make similar mistakes in my life. However the stigma attached to this critical component is always prevalent and is used irreverently against me even though it is not present.
Process of change
“Military: Had to change my ways to fit in with numerous othe personalities
Sport: The different sports I participated in led me through a minefield of personal issues
Car accidents: I was fortunate to get a second chance with its related opportunities.”
The twelve years that I spent in junior and high school were in hindsight particularly gratifying and successful. My Mother’s contribution during this period was enormous and I am extremely gratified to her. My home life did not have the same impact but my Mother ensured I had an ordered state of mind. On leaving school I became my own master as I had to fend for myself in the military life style that I was introduced to. In this period of re-adjustment I had to embrace change whole-heartedly whilst adapting to this environment. The time spent in the military was far too long although in the first 5 months I learnt a lot about myself and derived a huge understanding of people relationships. My army days came to an end and my next adventure, attending University, was meant to begin early in the following year. However fate dealt me a nasty blow when I was involved in a serious motor car accident. Initially I was unconcious for a week fighting for my life. Notwithstanding the enormity of the situation I survived but the massive effect it had on my life plans will travel with me for the rest of my life. As a result of the long recovery I had to sustain my schedule of activities went through an evolution giving me the information to allow me to keep moving forward.

“My growing up covers the period of attending school as well as my working career development. With this in mind my least favorite teacher was the high school teacher who taught me a second language. He took great delight in embarrassing me at every opportunity and he had an annoying way of punishing individuals which was to pull the sideburn hair until it hurt fiercely. He would continue with this innocuous act until you successfully answered his original question. Unfortunately I could not see the value of this subject and I was frustrated that I had to allocate time and energy to it only to be ridiculed.
I was very fortunate that early in my career development I was given the opportunity to report to the company’s Managing Director. I was a general manager with my experience largely Technical with limited people exposure. The MD on the other hand was very much a people person with high regard for his extended family. He was a well educated person with a doctorate as his highest accolade. Under his leadership we introduced a major customer satisfaction program. He mentored and coachedme through this process until I understood the importance of first listening and then acting. Singularly he helped me to define and understand the importance of my co-workers.
I developed a strong relationship with the MD and many of the issues he coached me on became points of learning in all my relationships.”

About Pikkewyn

I am 63 years old and retired, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I always wanted to author something other than work related issues. MY long-term career was as a people oriented Information Technology Project Expert. In this function I have traveled widely and I have many experiences that I have lived through and sharing them is my ultimate dream. Reading other individual's similar renditions I have soon realised that presentation and holding your audience's attention is critical to success. I have the memories and I want to share them with you holistically even though we have varied backgrounds.
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