Lesson 1 – Topics for Memoirs

1)         Ella, my father’s mother (hardships, life in Milledgeville State Hospital, children’s struggle without her.)

2)         Dad (short stories which embody his character, life, faith and values)

 3)         Depression

 4)         Collection of short stories about my childhood and what even the worst experiences have taught me.

5)         Spiritual experiences

6)         Learning to let go of being the person everyone expects me to be.

7)         Things my mother taught me that I was reluctant to learn.

8)         Counting blessings and forgetting the rest.

9)         The art of being optimistic.

10)        My “other grandmother” at the end of the street.

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4 Responses to Lesson 1 – Topics for Memoirs

  1. donnamarie says:

    Jalane, great topics… if u want to write about them … i would love to read them they all sound interesting and very accessble to the pen and paper good luck donnamarie

  2. Jalane says:

    Thank you, donnamarie. I am eager to write about these topics. The more I look for memoir topics, the more ideas I find!

  3. ethroop710 says:

    These are great topics to work with. I look forward to reading you stuff 🙂

  4. pmreid says:

    #3 sound interesting; a mental illness is always fascinating to read and write about. I hope it’s a distant past’s memoir and not something you’re still suffering with today. #10 sounds lovely… many people are lucky to have known kind old women who’ll put aside their time for us, especially if they’re not related. #1 and #2 also suggest that you know some very interesting people. I’m looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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