LESSON 4 Highlites of Memior

Stroke just happened no warning signs:


I was healthy no signs of this coming on interestingly though I did have a dream of my headaches blowing up couple days before I had the stroke and it  was a week before that that I had this dream of exploring.


Also, I thought of an old friend of mine from college who I have not thought of in a very long time … whose father she told me had the signs the stroke and they brought him the hospital caught in time.  Why would I just think of that… ?


People just did not have understanding of how to relate to me my illness:


They either left me frustrated and would communicate with me as if how could I have changed strangely


Aphasia – which is a language disorder which may also are hard time to communicate with people because they do not understand aphasia either.  Hello look it up and do not take everything personally.  I am the same person just with different needs at the present time.

Living in the independent living facility:


Was okay  sometimes but other times it was so degrading, uncomfortable and downright ridiculous. Sometimes I wondered who had the brain injury.


Moving back home:


This was hard because I had after my first strokes I had I had four more six months later they wanted to move back to the Dr. said is better that it be close by family. This was a tough move neurologically physically emotionally financially you name it became with it.  But it has turned out to be a true blessing.


Living at the YWCA for year:


Had a lot of blessings to have someplace to live but it was a sure terror. It’s infested with mice. The People there were great. But you had to survive on your own the management where very abusive.  That was most of the terror.


Trying to find the right medical people to help me my condition:


this is not easy. But as I said above I wonder who has the brain injury .



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2 Responses to LESSON 4 Highlites of Memior

  1. Chris says:

    I have not posted anything on the blog yet in fact this is the first time I read it. Your post caught my eye because my story is about my sons. One of which had a brain aneurysm at the age of 21. He has never came out of it enough to explain to me how he felt or how much he understood. That was 12 years ago. Reading your story may give me insight as to how he feels or what he thinks. I have always wondered. You already have me sold.

  2. donnamarie says:

    Thank you so much Chris , sorry for the long wait to respond i have not been on the site too much or at all for a long time. yes, i will write more it is great to have a cheerleader so to say i hope u do not mind me calling u that.
    and your feed back is great for me to hear and i hope your son is doing lots better. i just now i needed faith and patience 🙂 a lot 🙂 be well be safe … 🙂

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