Memoir Ideas. Comments welcome & appreciated.

Hello all.  I’ve been thinking about this for a couple of days and I think I’ve finally come up with a list of ideas.  Please comment & let me know which sound the most interesting to you:

1)     The Lost Decade:  or How My Marriage Crashed, Burned and Changed Me Forever

2)     Chasing Snow:  The Blizzard Vacation

 3)     Promise Dog

 4)     Too Old For Summer Camp (The fateful church camp that I visited at age 28 and met my ex-.)

 5)     The Man I Should Have Married

 6)     Being Popular (for a Change)  (About “plain Jane” visiting Grandma for the summer and finding myself the most sought-after girl in the crowd!)

 7)     Coming Full Circle  Reconnecting with an old friend=reconnecting with myself

 8)     I Miss Me:  What led me to seek counselling and how 2 months opened my eyes and my mind again.

 9)     Puritan:  Stories of a Fundamentalist Preacher’s Wife

 10)  On a Shoestring  Working and budgeting and supporting a Deadbeat Husband

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What's important enough to say here? I'm mid-50s and I want to be a wirter when I grow up! I work a day job but I've been journalling since age 11. Most recently I took a Mindful Writing class that really brought me to this place. I'm looking forward to feedback and honing my skills in this class.
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2 Responses to Memoir Ideas. Comments welcome & appreciated.

  1. Janice says:

    I think you have some great ideas here. I like the Lost Decade– about marriage etc… I find myself wondering at times just what I did by getting married. 🙂
    Promise Dog interests me – I am an animal lover and a dog person, and one of my topics also was about my beloved “Wonder Dog.” I think nature, animals and our pets con offer great source of story material – not to mention life lessons.
    I like the idea of Plain Jane as an article or a section of memoir. Lastly, I love the Puritan Preacher’s Wife idea. I am a history prof, and religious history and pursuits are of particular interest to me.
    It looks like you have three topics, ( 1, 5 and 10) about marriage/husband(s) that you could perhaps weave together.
    Looking forward to reading more!

  2. sharkle says:

    Janice: Thank you for your comments. Several of my topics weave together naturally, because they are based on the same source material. In my list I was trying to pull out ideas of focus for a short form essay. If I end up writing a book-length memoir, it will most likely incorporate several of the topics.

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