It’s My Turn – a song that brings back memories

It’s My Turn, by Diana Ross

My sister’s collection of forty-fives. deep wonderful emotion.  happy. exciting. new. wistful. strong. beautiful. crescendo.

I was twelve.

My first exposure to popular music.

I had only listened to gospel music or hymns, Broadway showtunes and children’s songs. I loved them and still do.

But this was new to me. I don’t know what the lyrics meant to me then; I knew they were strong; I felt the message of freedom. I had had no romantic relationship or negative family experience but I loved them I could hardly bear the emotion it brought up. Hearing the lyrics now 35 years later they are still strong, wistful, hopeful though bittersweet – bittersweet joy.   Hearing them now… years of questioning my marriage, heartbreaking to think of saying goodbye; knowing now I won’t say goodbye; but I can and it would be okay.

No answers, take chances, rain won’t hurt me.

I can’t hear it without crying but it is more of an joyful ache of heart-exercise, not sorrow. How could I possibly have had these same feelings then? Or was something there already?  I felt something already, holding me back – myself, my own insecurities, holding me back, still holding me back, leading myself into a less than ideal marriage, only to turn into revelations of forgiveness, growing, learning, acceptance, deep love…..




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3 Responses to It’s My Turn – a song that brings back memories

  1. Roger says:


    Really like how you ask about whether you could have had those same emotions at such a young age, or had the song changed meaning for you through your life.

    Either way it makes for an interesting question!

    And I liked how you wrapped up talking about something holding you back, etc. It makes me want to hear more about how you overcame being held back, and then moved forward?


    • Judith says:

      Thank you for your comments! I was interested in looking up your writing I loved reading about how your perspective changed on cowboys and Indians……

  2. Myra Medicine Waters Cheramie says:

    I want to write like you!

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