LESSON 3, EXERCISE 1:Come up with at least 5 details about your childhood bedroom

Come up with at least 5 details about your childhood bedroom.

My bed was in the middle, the head of the bed against the wall. If i was lying in bed, Jonathan’s crib was on my left. I think I was 4 or 5 when I slept in that room.

The floor had a kelly green color linoleum with raised flower patterns. I loved to take a paper and shade a crayon to get the flower pattern on the paper.

One night in my bed in the middle of the room, my finger started irritating me. I remembered that earlier I had tied around my finger, a twistie tie from the produce section of the grocery store, to create a beautiful green ring. But now it was tight and my finger was swelling up and turning red. i got up and went inside where I found my father and Roxanne talking by the front door in the living room in the soft evening lamplight. I showed them my problem and Roxanne helped get it off while my father waited. I feel good; there is no judgement. Gentleness. A vapor of love slowly comforting me.

I sometimes climbed into Jonathan’s crib with him to play. Fun. Exciting. Silly.

Once my mother came in at night to bathe Jonathan and change his diaper. She said she’d be back in five minutes. Almost instantly I am standing in the doorway of the bathroom, “Is five minutes up yet”. I don’t remember any yelling. I just waited there until she was done.

Memories. Warm, soft.

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