Lesson3, Exercise 5

What was going on in your neighborhood, your town, your country, and the world during the time period you’ve decided to write about?  You can do a little research to refresh your memory.  Make a list of the ways that these larger events affected your life.
I do not remember specifically learning about any events.  If we talked about children going hungry we referred to Cambodia.  I heard Begin and Sadat’s names a lot.  I knew Nixon was impeached and asked if he was the worst president ever. My father said he was not the worst and that he did not need to do what he did.  I heard the name Patty Hearst.  I knew Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer.  The Bicentennial was a huge deal to me.  We redecorated our kitchen in red white and blue.  I remember standing in front of Rainbow Shops while my mother talked to a neighbor about Elvis Presley dying.  I didn’t know who these people were that everyone talked about. Everyone else knew.

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