re write of lesson 3 exercise 3

Make a list of 5 important events or moments from the time frame you have chosen.
1) Event Going to to Frazer lake
2) Event I started to address my husbands drinking
3) Ice forming on the lake four days later.

1) Moment is when the pilot toll us, that the lake could freeze over and we may hve to walkout the twenty miles.
3) Moment- when the hunter showed up at our door and told us the stove does not work and plead with Dick to take his small heater.
4) Moment -When Dick said that I could not do the twenty-mile walk out
5) Moment-Standing at the icy lake and FIGHTING OVER WE NEED TO WALK OUT.

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I am a retired wife, Mother, real estate agent and a volunteer at the Food pantry Newport, Oregon. I grew up in the south and married an Eskimo form Alaska. I started to write about our awesome journey, three years ago. My gold is to write a memoir about our forty- seven year journey together. I am excited to begin this writing class.
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  1. Betty Jo says:

    this is a correction of Lesson 3, exercise 3 I didn’t understand the question as to what is an event and what is a moment.This is a new path for me, and I appreciate all the guidance anyone can offer. Betty Jo

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