Lesson I exercise 1

EXERCISE 1: Make a list of 10 possible topics you could write a memoir about. You can choose from the topics on the previous page and/or come up with different ones.

1) a spiritual or religious experience
– my initial conversion as a Christian
– the struggle with my faith as a young Christian
– rededicating my life to Christ while living in Brooklyn, NY

2) a romance
– the first time I saw Dawn
– Dawn and I becoming friends; sharing our life experiences
– the moment I realized that I was falling in love with Dawn

3) marriage
– making the decision to marry after six weeks of dating
– the challenges that we faced during the early years of our marriage
– the impact of losing a child on our marriage

4) the death of someone close to me (my daughter)
– why she was our miracle child
– the feeling of powerlessness
– the impact her death had on my faith

5) an illness (my heart attack)
– my thoughts and emotions as I was having the heart attack
– being confronted with my own mortality
– my recovery

6) a place where I lived
– my life in Brooklyn
– how a country boy adjusted to living in the big city
– Brooklyn Tabernacle

7) an historical event that shaped my life (the election of Barack Obama)
– the sense of pride
– my thoughts about my mother
– coming to terms with some his positions that differ my own

8) a decision to change some aspect of my life (denounce homosexuality)
-the moment I began to sense that God was leading me into a different direction
– the struggle with leaving the past behind
– giving up friendships that define who I was in order to walk into who I was becoming

9) being a parent
– having Spencer accept me as his father
– the decision to adopt
– the responsibility of also being a spiritual parent

10) fitness
– why it has become so important
– fitness after the heart attack
– fitness after 50

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  1. nhscribbler says:

    I’d love to hear your conversion story!

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