Song–Seasons Change (Expose) by Christine C.



Writing Exercise Introduction: Reflections of a Song—“Seasons Change” by Expose

 As I gaze at the sunset colored foliage on the tree that borders the side street of my college dorm building, I sense the winds of change blowing through my life. The song “Seasons Change” echoes through my mind as I think of how I left the comfort of my home town and entered into this strange and exciting new phase of my life which would help transition me into adulthood. This newfound freedom had me reeling, but my mood quickly changed when the lazy saxophone made its prelude– wailing its lament, signaling that this exciting time will be short lived as more transitions and changes lie ahead.

Like sand sifting through open fingers, nothing was captured or possessed very long. Cultivating new friendships and meeting new classmates was exciting. Going out off campus, borrowing clothes to go out on the town, attending socials on campus, romping down the dorm halls with shouts of joy after a hard-fought victory all became precious memories that were dashed away when life took friends down other avenues. Friends broke into groups and moved off campus, they broke up and dated others, they transferred to other colleges, they changed classes and majors, and they graduated.

So as friends moved on, those that remained became my new companions as we built new memories for the limited time that we had left, knowing our departure was inevitable. We reminisced and shared secrets, fears and hopes for a future we could not quite envision but in reality was right on our doorstep.

Even though our time together was brief, many of these people are tucked deep into my memory, and I must say that I was also a part of the whirlwind. I also dated, moved away and transferred, and upon reflection, I came to the realization that they may have also felt like a piece of them had been ripped away during a time when closure was not probable or possible. It was like looking out into the ocean —with its waves beckoning us to enter into the vastness in all its appeal, yet leaving a void of washed away dreams never to be lived again.

As I look out again upon this tree, I realize I have come full circle in my time away from college life. I had moved on, dated, become engaged, and found myself grieving the lost love that I thought would remain forever in my possession, and then I felt the breeze—the winds of change. The past and the present suddenly merged. That familiar feeling swept over me. Grief and loss held me bound as I heard that lazy saxophone wailing in my head as the big, vast ocean once again, flashed before me.


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  1. Bill says:

    Transitions – changes provide lots of fodder for writing.

    Good use of description to set the scenes e.g., wind, sands, saxophone, wind, ocean, …

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