Memoir Writing – Lesson 7 – Writing about people – Teachers

I had picked one teacher, but as I started writing this lesson there were three that had made an impact on me.

My first “romantic” crush was on my bookkeeping teacher, Mr. Foos.  He was soft spoken, Latin-looking (dark hair, dark eyes, and tan skin), and helpful if you got stumped.  I loved listening to his quiet voice.  I tried my best to get detention from him, but never succeeded.  I lived close enough to school so that I could linger in my front yard so I could wave at him as he left school.  I’m pretty sure he knew I had a crush on him, but he never brought it up.  I still think about him now and then wondering where he is.

My nemesis I’ll call her, was the Home Economics sewing teacher.  She would give us an assignment on what to make.  Mrs. Singer, was slender, grey haired, and pinch faced.  Her opinion was the only opinion.  Our first assignment was to make an apron.  Easy to do, nothing to argue about.  Second assignment was to make a skirt.  Again not a problem.  Pajamas were next, then came our final “exam”.  We could make whatever we wanted with her approval.  So Mom and I went to a fabric store and purchased a dress pattern, the material, thread, buttons, and whatever else was needed to create the form fitting dress.  I took it into school and Mrs. Singer rejected it.  When I asked why, I was told I was too skinny to wear a dress like that.  Naturally I went home very sad about this.  Mom, when I told her about this, marched me back to school to catch Mrs. Singer before she left for the day.  She told Mrs. Singer off and said I was going to make this dress whether she liked it or not.  I won’t allow it to be in the runway showing, Mrs. Singer stated.  We’ll see, Mom threatened.  I made the dress.  It looked beautiful and fit me the way it should.  Mrs. Singer apologized for telling me I couldn’t make it, and it was on the runway.

The teacher who affected me the most was my twelfth grade English teacher.  I don’t remember her name, but she got me interested in writing.  I wrote poetry and essays.  The essays where class assignments and we were encouraged to read them out-loud to our classmates.  I can’t even describe this teacher except to say she was a female.  My love for writing is strong and growing.  Thank you, lovely lady!

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3 Responses to Memoir Writing – Lesson 7 – Writing about people – Teachers

  1. Bill says:

    Great little snippets of teachers that impacted you.

    Interesting that all were associated with strong emotions – young love, anger(frustration) and achievement (joy).

  2. Christine says:

    I love the descriptive phrase “pinched face” when writing about Mrs. Singer. It’s so visual that I can just picture her and it gives me an automatic connection as to what mannerisms could be. I also wondered if that was her real name or you were trying to preserve her identity. It’s funny that ‘singer’ is a brand of sewing machine and she was teaching you to sew.

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