Lesson 3 Ex 4 The Beginning of my love for football

Ex. 4

Watching college football with my brother, Victor (16) and watch NFL football on Sundays–

It was the weekend of my Jr. High days. Autumn was upon us and the air was crisp and cold and all I could think about was the upcoming football games I would be watching. It helped a lot having my brother Victor watching with me when he didn’t have football practice, himself because on Saturdays we would make sure we had dibs on the TV for 4 hours to watch his favorite college teams. He would point out certain players and the positions they played. Even though I didn’t really understand the particulars of offensive and defensive formations, I was hooked on watching how these guys performed.

It wasn’t long before the drama began with our whoops and hollers filling the house to the point where it became annoying to my mom, who was trying to enjoy Polish music on the radio.


It was even more exciting watching the NFL teams play on Sunday. Our local team were the Buffalo Bills and we had our ace running back, OJ Simpson that made our team a favorite. However, this was a challenge due to the fact that it was a family rule that Sunday dinner was to start exactly at 1 pm—no excuses and everyone was to be at the table. I couldn’t deny that the aroma of mom’s Polish cooking was irresistible but I couldn’t help but keep an ear open to what was going on with the game. I ate fast and tried to get out of doing dishes as much as possible, much to the rebuttals of my older sister. I did help if I had to, but I constantly stuck my head around the corner to watch what was going on in between drying plate, cup and silverware, and it didn’t help when Victor reacted to every play he saw: “Aw! 4th down! NO, they’re going for it! It’s a pass!! Oh my God, Touchdown!! Wow that was incredible!!”

This went on and on until my sister got tired of me running in and out of the kitchen and dried the dishes herself or somehow the dishes got done without me.

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  1. Bill says:

    Cute story, sounds like football brought you close to your brother.

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