Ex 6: 5 main events of 1971-2

5 important events that occurred during the time frame chosen

I was in Jr. High and a very impressionable kid. I was quiet and sensitive so I spent a lot of time imagining things that could never come true. I was very much taken with movie stars and the lives of famous people in general, so TV and movies were a great interest to me and I would do anything in my power to watch my favorite shows even if I had to beg or bargain in order to get out of or postpone doing my chores.

Football was a big fascination of mine. It went further than idolizing the players. I was in awe of how football players performed. I loved watching their athletic ability and how they outmaneuvered their opponents and even though I had my favorite teams, I even watched college teams play and didn’t even know of any of the players. My brother would explain specific points of the game and what certain players were doing and it became a way for us to bond. Eventually I began to watch games on my own every weekend. I think my mother wanted to kill me sometimes because it drove her crazy, especially when we got loud or other things needed to be done around the house.

I loved reading and writing. I kept a diary since 1970 and wrote in detail in it without fail. At that time they consisted of scattered minor details unless it was very important to me and this habit grew through the years to the point where I bought 5 subject notebooks to contain everything. But in Jr. High my interests were rather scattered.

The Beatles were very popular. My gum-popping 20 yr. old sister was as infatuated with them as I was with my TV stars so any time I came near my house, the ‘magical mystery tour’ songs were playing either on 8 track tapes from her car or from her portable record player. She played it endlessly to the point where the activities and past times I engaged in were hallmarked by these songs playing in the background.

My next door neighbor was my best friend. We knew each other since kindergarten and shared our thoughts, dreams and hopes. This usually included boys we were interested in or classmates we despised. She was a girl with attitude and it seemed that she got the boys’ attention. She walked with a bit of swagger and I was a bit envious because she could get the attention of any boy and I couldn’t. Still, she was a good friend all through the years.

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