meet me at the gas station

Optional exercise from Lesson 2. Please forgive the odd spacing in the dialogue, I am new to writing conversations and also the transfer from ipad to blog was not a smooth one so the errors are probably doubled haha. Thank you for reading 🙂

It was a slow day at the restaurant and the other waitresses were gossiping in the server station about their boyfriends and various reality shows. I was re-filling the pepper mills and eavesdropping but pretending I wasn’t interested. Jen was just getting done with her shift as she walked over and asked how my day was going.

“Doing good, but tired,” I said. “It’s so slow in here! Makes me want a nap.”

“Aww, well hopefully you get cut soon so you can go home too sweetie!”

I nodded. I had always appreciated Jen’s kindness. Since I first met her as a little girl, I had thought of her as a compassionate and caring person. When I was seven years old, she had worked with my mom at the local cafĂ©. I was always sitting with a book somewhere trying to stay out of the way and she would check on me and bring me a muffin or some other snack. When Mom stopped working there I didn’t see much of Jen until after I graduated high school. We ended up working together at another local eatery (also a part-time brewery). I was a just a hostess back then and she worked as an admin. assistant upstairs in the office. I enjoyed knowing her on an adult level and she still treated me with the same kindness that I experienced as a young girl at the cafĂ©.

Jen pushed her back up against the shelf where I was setting the empty mills and crossed her arms. “Forgive me for prying, but I have never heard you talk about your dad. Does he live here?”

I smiled at her random curiosity. Jen could be nosy sometimes, but people didn’t mind because of how sweet she was about it. She was very easy to talk to and revealing things to her seemed comforting somehow.
“No, not anymore. He died when I was young,” I said.
She apologized and I went on to explain that my parents had never actually dated and that I was a result of two friends who were neighbors and just drank a little bit too much one night. All I really knew about him was that he worked for the county, he was divorced when he met my mom, and he had two other daughters. Mom had kept them hidden from me for a while, claiming that they resented me since I was the “other” sister. I never looked for them, not even after his death, and didn’t know their names.

“Did he grow up here?” she continued, “What was his name?”

“He died in 1992, I don’t think you would know him.” No one ever seemed to know him when I brought it up.

She gave me a determined look. “I know a lot of people! Try me!” I laughed out an “okay” and told her his name. George Brotherton. Her face twisted a bit as it processed and then she lit up. “Do you remember Georgina who worked with us at the Brewery?”

“Of course!” I said, “She was so much fun to work with! I haven’t seen her in years.”

Jen went on, “I went to high school with her and her last name was Brotherton!”

“What?” I was confused. “But at the Brewery her last name was Wright…”

“Yes!” Jen was getting really excited now. “She got married right after high school. That’s why you wouldn’t know her maiden name. Oh my, what if you two are related! Wouldn’t that be neat?”

My mind started racing with the thought of my old manager being related to my dad. This could be my one chance at a connection to his family. What if she was a cousin? What if she knew my sisters?
My enthusiasm sank a little as I realized I had no way of getting ahold of her. I had gone through a few cell phones since working at the Brewery and hadn’t kept her number. The only interaction we’d had since then was a few messages on, but so much time had passed.
“You have to talk to her!” “Jen said excitedly. “If you do, please let me know what happens!” Jen grabbed her purse and took off as I stood there in amazement. Could I have worked with a family member for two years without knowing it? That seemed impossible.
I finished up my assigned side-work and the last few tables of my shift and headed home. During the entire drive I was trying to figure out who might have Georgina’s phone number so I could call and ask if she was related to my dad. I knew as soon as I got home I was going to log into my Myspace account and send her an e-mail. Hopefully she still used it.
About half-way home I noticed I was almost out of gas. I felt very annoyed, I just wanted to get home to my computer. As I pulled into the gas station to park, I decided to pay inside so I could use some of the cash tips I had just collected from work. Walking in through the narrow door of the convenience store I could see a woman hurriedly trying to make her way out so I jumped back out of the way. She rushed past me as I turned to go in and, to my surprise, it was Georgina. After not having seen her in years, here she was right in front of me, just few blocks from my house.
“Georgina!” I called quickly. She was already half way across the platform to her car when she turned around.
“Oh hey! How are you?” she said, walking back toward me.
“I’m good, I was just talking about you with Jen Gray at work!”

“Oh yeah? What were you guys talking about?”

“Well, she told me that your maiden name is Brotherton?”

“Yeah, Wright is my married name.” She looked at me funny, probably wondering why I cared.
I nervously blurted out “Are you related to George Brotherton?” I was shaking now, thinking for sure she was going to say “No.”
“The one who died in 1992? Yeah, that was my dad, why?”

I instantly felt goosebumps on my arms and couldn’t breathe. She was my sister. My head was exploding with questions but I forced myself to focus on the moment.
“That was my dad too,” I said.
We both just kind of stared at each other in shock.

“Oh, wow.” Her response was delayed and I could tell by her face that she was not as excited about it as I was. I instantly thought of my mom’s warning that “they” didn’t like me and realized she may have been right all along. Thankfully, relief came as Georgina gave me a big hug and asked for my phone number. She was running late somewhere but wanted to make plans to get together soon to “catch up” on everything. I was so stunned that, as she was driving away, I started to get back in my car and realized I hadn’t paid for the gas yet!

As I waited for the tank to fill up, I called Jen…”You are never going to believe what just happened…”

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  1. caseltine6 says:

    That is SUCH a great story! And so well told.

  2. freckles says:

    What a story! I hope you had the chance to meet your sister again, and I’m sure you have some good memories to share. Thank goodness for coincidence.

  3. smyrnami says:

    I really enjoyed reading this, it flows well. Great story!

  4. Faith and coincidence all mashed into one. Great story, I enjoyed reading it and would love to read more. Nice job!

  5. milestones says:

    One of those ‘coincidences’ that are much more than a coincidence. Hope to read more. Lovely.

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