Where Do You Write?

Hi Everyone!

I noticed stories are posted at all sorts of different times on here (like 4 am ha) and was assuming that this blog was set-up on East Coast time. Then I got to wondering which state everyone is from (cities are optional – didn’t want to be too invasive). And also, where do you write? I am writing in my kitchen right now but have been wanting to explore the coffee shop experience as well or maybe even join a writing group/club. I am in Northern California in the “Bay Area” 🙂

About moonwriter

For me, a lifelong passion for reading has come with a continued enjoyment for writing stories. I have been encouraged by several friends to expand that into a book about my "unique" childhood. I definitely have plenty of interesting memories to share...now if I could just make them "pretty".... :)
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4 Responses to Where Do You Write?

  1. teehunny says:

    I noticed that too when looking at the entries. I am also from the Bay Area. Try out writing in a coffee shop and see if you are able to focus the same way you do in your kitchen. I find that I am solitary so being isolated helps me to visualize more. I have read your memoirs and I like your style. Nice writting and interesting. Keep up the great work. Writting is so theraputic for me.

  2. smyrnami says:

    I’m in Michigan and write in my recliner with my laptop. I prefer quiet, but can work when everyone else is home if I have to.

  3. Hana says:

    I live in northern California along the coast. I write at my computer workstation in our office. Treating my writing like more of a “job” helps me power through when I get stuck (like with lesson 2). Sometimes I take a notebook to coffee shops, parks, gardens and once to an art gallery to just write down impressions, sounds and smells. Kinda fun….

  4. Laura says:

    I live in Michigan, on the west side. I just returned after a four month stay with my father in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. There, my writing was done on his enclosed patio, by electric candle light on my laptop. Now, I sit in my living room, in Hesperia, Michigan, writing. I do write in coffee shops, usually during the summer when the children are home. For the most part I rise early and write a lot!

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