“Just like Daddy” picture memory

Despite the inches of snow I did not feel cold. Daddy never wore a coat so I thought, “I’ll be like Daddy.” I refused to wear my coat even out in the snow. My older sister bundled up in her blue pea coat. I wore my white kitty cat t-shirt and shorts. Mommy scolded me and said, “You’ll catch a cold.” I did not listen. I ran to Daddy to tell him “Bye-bye.” My older sister ran up to Daddy too. He put one arm around each of us. My head rested on his handcuff pouch. My sister got to stand on his right, in front of his gun. I liked Daddy’s gun. It was shiny. Daddy always locked it up when he came home in the morning. Daddy wore his gray uniform and cowboy hat. I liked to wear Daddy’s hat when I played. Daddy said, “It is a campaign hat, not a cowboy hat.”   I wondered what he was campaigning for. Sometimes we played with the handcuffs too.  One time my sister handcuffed my wrist to my ankle. Mommy had to call the Sheriff to unlock me because Daddy was busy. Daddy was busy a lot.  I tried not to get mad because policemen have to help everyone, not just their own little girls.

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4 Responses to “Just like Daddy” picture memory

  1. Hana says:

    This was terrific. I really heard the voice of a young girl in your piece. Very well done.

  2. freckles says:

    I liked this. Just like Daddy, I was a daddy’s girl and wanted to be just like him too 🙂

  3. terrysmith says:

    Good snapshot of being like Daddy. I enjoyed this piece.

  4. Laura says:

    A great read, I could imagine a child wanting to be so like Daddy. Nice work.

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