M is for the million things she gave me

Focus, focus, focus

How can I count the value of all that Mother gave me?
She gave Security in the midst of chaotic moves from place to place, from country to country, away from war zones.  Trust in the loving plan of our Heavenly Father – even when our own father was far away.  Patience through long years of waiting – to meet her family – to find out where I belong. Teaching through examples: The trials of Joseph in Egypt – God was with him in spite of the bad things that happened to him.

1949 mother's stove on a ledge

Adjustment to changes: Wherever she could build a fire and had a kettle she could cook food. Wherever she could spread some sheets – that was a place to sleep – whether it was on suitcases, a row of chairs, a bench, a table, the floor. With her Singer hand sewing machine she made all our clothes – learning also to make school uniforms – maybe not exactly to pattern!

She sewed all our clothes on a Singer Sewing machine.

She sewed all our clothes on a Singer Sewing machine.

Finding a place of true Fellowship – brought us to Miss Hutchins and her Light House Mission.
She understood my need of having friends around me, when all my father saw in them was their potential to ‘lead me astray’.
Cooling my fever with eau de cologne and baby powder, calming my fears, making my favorite semolina gruel with added whisked egg when I could not eat anything else.
Finding books for me to read which gave me new perspectives on life.
… and a million other things that money could never buy.

About milestones

Born in Finland. Learned to walk in North America. Learned to talk in China. Went to school in Ceylon. Registered Sick Children's Nurse in England. Volunteer in India. Founded a Children's Home in Thailand. Have four children and ten grand children. Rheumatoid Arthritis. Five books - written in Swedish, published in Finland.
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8 Responses to M is for the million things she gave me

  1. Janet2 says:

    I truly enjoyed reading your story. Yes, you did focus, very vivid writing. When I saw the picture of the Singer sewing machine, it reminded me of my mother and her sewing. She used to sew too. Seeing the picture of your sewing machine makes me feel inspired to want to sew again.

  2. becky_n says:

    You could expand any one of these mini tributes into a chapter of your book 😉

  3. moonwriter says:

    Sounds like you have a book full of beautiful memories of your mom. You can feel lots of love in the words you shared about her dedication. Look forward to hearing more stories about her 🙂

  4. milestones says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words.
    She was special – as most mothers are in the eyes of their children. She had challenges that at times could seem insurmountable. What was it that brought her through – or over her mountains? That is what I want to bring out as an encouragement to others.

  5. Jude says:

    You have given a snap shot of some wonderful characteristics of your mother in such a succinct way. It is a lovely image from a daughter’s perspective.

  6. Hana says:

    What a beautiful tribute. I could really feel the warmth and love you have for your Mom from what and how you wrote.

  7. freckles says:

    What more can I add that hasn’t been already said. I loved hearing the love you have for your mother. Her faith must have sustained her, you and siblings. Seeing that Singer sewing machine evokes fond memories for me also of a time when my mother did the same for my sisters and I 🙂

  8. Milestones says:

    Thanks for the kind feedback. I am thankful for the memory of my mother and I hope that sharing those memories will be an encouragement to others to seek the source of her strength. She often saw herself as weak and unworthy. Still she trusted that God would help her and take her through all she had to face.

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