Focus on back then when! Lesson 3




Growing up and living in the rural area of a small town is what it was called back then.

I always wanted to live in town. I felt like to live in town was more exciting than living in the country. My family and I lived a long ways from a small town. My siblings and I were picked up and driven to and from school by a school bus.

My mother would pack our lunch for school. Back then our lunch was packed in what was called a lunch pail or lunch box. We would be excited at the beginning of the school year to get a new lunch pail. There were different designs and colors. The students that lived in town could go home for lunch.

I remember feeling so different because I lived in the country.

My clothes were not as fancy as the students who lived in town. My mother would wash and hang our clothes outside on the clothesline to dry. I can see, feel, and smell the clothes hanging on the clothesline blowing in the air. My siblings and I had to do chores. Every Saturday, my sister and I would clean the house with the help of my mother. We did not have very much money.

My dad was a very hard workingman and went to work every day.

He would always manage to find time to plant and grow gardens. He would each year produce a harvest. My siblings and I would help with the harvest. My mother would prepare good healthy meals for us. My mother would take my sister and I in town with her, once a week to grocery shop. I never felt that living in the country is where I wanted to be.

Roads and woods surrounded us. There were very few houses close to us. In the summer we would pick blackberries and grapes. We would walk a lot and ride our bikes.

I can remember in the winter being very cold at night. My sister and I shared the same bedroom. She and I would put our backs close to each other. We said that would keep us warm. In the mornings when we got up the house would always be warm.

There was a dance hall near our home. My sister and I could hear the music being played there especially in the summer. I would imagine myself going there to dance as I laid in bed on a Saturday night. I would never be allowed to go there. My parents years later had a better home built. It is still in the country but I love where my parents’ home is located.

When I became older, I finally married and moved away from home.

Yes, I moved to the city. I loved seeing the tall buildings, the noise, the streetlights, the sirens, the traffic, shopping, busy streets, people, subways, and the hustle and bustle of every day living.

City living is what a young girl dreamed of. I have lived in the city to this day and never left.

It is funny, as I grow older; I appreciate the beauty of nature. Where I live at present, it is in the city, yet it reminds me of the country because my neighborhood is very quite. The beauty of nature surrounds me. I think I will always be a country girl at heart.

I have lived the best of both worlds, country living as well as city living.

About Janet2

I enjoy writing poetry. My interest is in creative writing. My goal in taking this course is to learn the proper techniques on writing memoirs. I am a recently retired educator.
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3 Responses to Focus on back then when! Lesson 3

  1. Jude says:

    This was a lovely glance back into your childhood growing up in the country. It brought out your sense of family being together.

  2. smyrnami says:

    It’s funny how as children we all long for the opposite of what we have. Loved your story, glad you found a place in the city to call home.

  3. Hana says:

    I really liked the way you describe the country from all of your senses – it really painted a vivid picture for me. Nicely done.

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