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Through the Old Milk Box

The inner conflict before the story… Here are some thoughts I had as I began today’s lesson:“I don’t want to make a list of conflicts, as instructed in lesson 4 of the memoir course I’m taking. Maybe it is closer … Continue reading

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What Is Your Premise?

“What is the premise of your story?” asked the old professor. He was not particularly gentle in his tone and I was already frustrated about the assignment. I glared at him. “If I knew the answer, you wouldn’t have to … Continue reading

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Focus, Focus, Focus

“Yes dear, may I help you?” said the woman with the pin-curled bluish hair sitting behind the library desk. “I’m looking for a memory to write about for a class I’m taking,” I answered. “Have you looked in the card … Continue reading

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You might not remember me, but I remember you.You were always patiently waiting with a cold seat of cement and a step for my feet. I didn’t use you to go in and out, the family used the side door, … Continue reading

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The Color of Remorse

  The bricks on our two-story Georgian style home were painted white, and so were the windows and the heavy cast iron table and chairs on the small front porch. Drifts of knee-deep snow covered the entire block. Every front … Continue reading

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