Que sera sera


Que sera sera. That is a song that brings back memories of the past to me. It takes me back to an era where there was hope, hope for love, for richness, and hope to accept whatever comes one’s way. I heard this song when I was in college first. It impressed me a lot. The voices of the singers are amazing. There is an innocence about the song and the lyrics transport me to another era. An era when my grandparents lived, just after the second world war, with the world in transition. It takes me back to my youth and to the youth of my grandparents because that was so long ago.

Young people are always anxious to know what lies in store for them. I did too. I used to ask myself what I would be in the future. The answer was always the same- I would travel a lot, I would find a husband who would love me very much and I would have children who adored me. All this has come to pass.

Today when I listen to this song, it does not make me think of the future and what it will hold for me- because I am not interested to go there anymore. Life has taught me that all experiences are teachers and we can learn from each of them. I don’t hope for a single thing any more. I hope for general things, like peace and love and good friends and the use of my talents in the best way possible.

These days, I am more interested in what will happen today or tomorrow at the most. I don’t dream of too much into the future. Sometimes this song takes me to the past and to thoughts whether I could have lived life differently and every time the answer comes back the same-No. I wouldn’t have lived life any differently, just to conform to the norm.

I have come to realize that I am happiest doing what I love and what I want, rather than doing what others want me to do. I have courage and the faith to believe that whatever happens to me happens for my good. So I no longer have to look to the distant future.

I live in the present now and I never ask myself these days what will happen to me a year from now, five years from now or twenty years from now and thats how I have changed since when I first heard this song.


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4 Responses to Que sera sera

  1. Nice realization of faith and living in the moment. I enjoyed your story and it is well written. Good job.

  2. JanisClare says:

    This is something I will read again. Living in the now…what a fine lesson for all of us to hold onto. Well done, and thanks.

  3. terrysmith says:

    Nice comparison of the past and now the future of where you are today and what that song brings to your mind. Good writing.

  4. yaloo says:

    Excellent job of painting a picture of past, present, and a peek into the future. Good reminder that faith plays a major part for us all. Keep up the good work!

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