Creative Writing Lesson 6

Exercise 1: Rewrite Lesson 5 as if telling a friend
An experience in a raunchy pub.

“Gee whiz what a weekend I have just experienced and for a while there I was concerned that I would get to see the Monday morning.
Richard had you accepted my invitation to join me at the cricket you would have added your level-headed personality to defusing a live threatening situation. I know you were unhappy to join me because I was going to the game with Pam’s father Jack and uncle Tom but as I explained to you I was trying to accumulate some brownie points with Pam.
I had to settle with being a passenger in Jack’s old fashioned Chrysler product and pray that nobody I knew saw me and recognised me. What a bummer if that had happened and I would have been suitably embarrased.
On reflection I had a great time albeit that Jack and Tom as usual behaved like “”piss cats”” and I suspect the reason you did did not accept my invitation. I was very fortunate to dodge their constant alcoholic purchases whilst the game was in process. Unfortunately the rain came down in buckets and play was suspended and that is when the party really began. The rain did not cease and eventually the game was abandoned with our team being declared the winner on a rain-affected basis.
This only spurred Jack and Tom to suggest that a victory party was in order and promptly reached a decision to go to a nearby Pub and guess what Richard we ended up at the Dawson’s Pub in the centre of Joburg downtown. This Pub’s reputation was well known but Jack and Tom said that they had strong connections and that I should not worry. Unfortunately Rich my initial impression was that this Pub was similar to a smoke filled harem and you know how much I hate smoke.
Jack immediately recognised many of the other customers and engaged them in conversation and was soon playing dominoes with them. I was not interested in participating hoping that it would end shortly and we would leave. Rich by this time I was shit-scared and as I suspected Jack had rubbed up one of the Portuguese guys he was gambling with and this guy lost his temper and bellowed for his cohorts to follow him. I knew I had to get out of there and I took off like a scalded rabbit. This bull of a man egged on his friends to catch us and beat us to pulp. Jack Tom and myself once out of the Pub took different directions further splitting up our assailants.

“Rich I was now real scared as well as tired and my pursuer was gaining on me. I contemplated stopping and taking a swing but he drew a knife. This proved to be a major incentive to take off like a wounded hare and I soon lost him. I made my way back to the car which we had thankfully parked some way from the Pub and found Jack and Tom there both of whom had welts and cuts from the punches they had taken.
More importantly they had had enough and we all piled into the car and went home and made no mention of what had happened.
The moral of the story – when going out with street smart older guys go in your own car. Rich I also don’t think the brownie points equate to my life.”

Exercise 2: Child Fears

“Oh no they were arguing again!
My parents argued incessantly which I found very difficult to understand but I realised at an early age that this created a sea of unhappiness in our home. It was the most unfavourable aspect of my childhood causing me to be afraid of this circumstance. I was the last born and therefore spoilt in more sense than the word. Initially when these arguments occurred I was able to go and hide with my sisters but as soon as they reached a certain age they left our home to do their own thing. All the circumstances that were present in this situation ensured that I created a strong relationship with my mother. I was in fear of my father particularly when he was intoxicated. He was a simple person with a limited education having left school early to pursue a trade as a motor mechanic. He had an explosive temper whilst my mother was non-confrontational and as quiet as a church mouse. My father terrified her leading to my mother lacking any self confidence. All these factors resulted in my mother and I sticking together and when necessary plotting our way out of these difficult conflicts. I was terrified of these situations particularly when they occurred in the evening as I would turn in early to avoid them only to have my mother creep in to my room to get away from my father and together we would get as much sleep as possible. We often prayed that due to his labour intensive nature of work coupled with his intake of alcohol he would fall asleep soon after dinner.”

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I am 63 years old and retired, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. I always wanted to author something other than work related issues. MY long-term career was as a people oriented Information Technology Project Expert. In this function I have traveled widely and I have many experiences that I have lived through and sharing them is my ultimate dream. Reading other individual's similar renditions I have soon realised that presentation and holding your audience's attention is critical to success. I have the memories and I want to share them with you holistically even though we have varied backgrounds.
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