Lesson 5 Exercise 2

Write a part of a scene.

Choose one of the scenes you listed for Exercise 1, and write part of the scene.  Try to weave in some descriptive details.

I rushed into the emergency room, panting and wheezing, blinded by the dimness of the light in the room.  Stumbling, I moved to the left of the door and waited for my eyes to adjust enough to see.  Then I scanned the room with my eyes looking for a desk, a nurse, someone that could help me find my son.  Spotting the emergency room desk across the room, I ran over to it and stood waiting for the one and only nurse I saw to get off of the phone.   The emergency room was empty, very unusual for a Saturday afternoon.  The sun was shining brightly through the windows, casting shadows all around.  The television hanging in the corner was the only sound I heard other than the nurse talking on the phone.  Shaking uncontrollably, with beads of sweat rolling down my face I finally heard the receiver of the phone being set down. Quickly my head flew back so that I was staring into the nurses eyes with a look of terror on my face.

            “I am looking for Dustin Brand, I got a call saying he was here.”

            She looked down at her computer, typed something in and then looked back up and said.

            “Please take a seat,” pointing toward the chairs across from the desk, “and I will go back and see what I can find out about your son.”

            Startled by her reply I said, “What!” very loudly, but she pretended not to hear me and continued to walk away.

            Panicing I impatiently looked around the room. Looking frantically for someone else that could help me, but there was no one.



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