10 Memoir thoughts –

1. Dying, Death, Grief, New Life

2.  Me & Karen:  Alone in Europe at 16

3. Crazy adventures with my horse

4. X Country Trip with my kids and a van

5. dieting all my life at 60 have figured it out

6. Holidays with my Italian relatives

7.  Parent of an Addict

8. I Musn’t have been a bad mother after all: they call me and they love me!

9.  A School Bus Driver’s Stories

10  Omit the word “should” – growing up with Mom and Nana

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6 Responses to 10 Memoir thoughts –

  1. pmreid says:

    Interesting ideas. Numbers 2 and 7 especially stand out for me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ShaLoNico says:

    This list is the mother lode as far as I’m concerned–topics every mother would be interested in reading about.

  3. sharkle says:

    I’d love to read about #7 & #10.

    • rose2576 says:

      Haha. Do you have experience with the “shoulds” too? I’ve heard it so much I’ve banned it
      from my vocabulary.. Thanks for the feedback.

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