Memior Writing – Lesson 1 – Mom and Books


We were on our way to the library!  My mother and I were avid readers, my sister not so much.  Mom and I would leave with 8-10 books each.  Diane?  She might have 2.

During our summer breaks, especially, Mom liked for me to read out loud to her and to scratch her legs as she laid on the couch with her legs in my lap.  It didn’t matter what I was reading at the time.  So she heard poetry; travel books – like trips to Ireland or Scotland; Nancy Drew mysteries; “The Good Earth” by Pearl Buck; and any pioneering stories I could find.  I would read to her maybe 2-3 times a week for 2 hours maximum each time.

In the event I would stumble over a word, she would look at it and help me pronounce the word, and some times I would ask what that word meant.  It was a learning experience at those times.

Mom said that the sound of my voice was soothing and my scratching her legs was relaxing.  I just couldn’t see it, but I enjoyed doing it.  This was pretty much a regular thing during my teenage years.

On days when I wasn’t available for her she would enlist Diane to read to her and to scratch her legs.  Diane hated that “chore”.  It was a “chore” for her.  First off, she hated reading; secondly, it kept her “pinned down” for too long.  She wanted to be off doing other things.

After I married and left home, the reading to my mother and scratching of her legs were relegated to the attic of my life.

My mother and my sister, have passed away, but my memories of those times of my life still fill my heart.

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  1. Bill says:

    Wonderful, especially the how the two siblings viewed the “chore”. Rings very true as does moving on to other phases of our life.

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