Memoir Writing – Lesson 5 – Scenes – Double Date

It was a warm summer night and it was raining for our double date.  This was my first date with Kurt.  I wore a lime-green, shirt-waist, dress for the occasion.  My girlfriend, Carole, who arranged this double date was similarly dressed.  Kurt and Jim wore short-sleeved shirts and dress pants.

We rode in Jim’s car to the Ohio State Fair.  It’s a good-sized fair with rides, booths of food, animal judging, and craft barns.  It was a busy Saturday.  The fairway was crammed with people of all walks and sizes.

It is 1962.  I don’t remember if Jim had to pay to park his car at the fair.  I know the guys paid for us to get in.  The line wasn’t very long so we were soon in.  The rain didn’t seem to deter people from coming, however.

We walked down the fairway to the first barn.  It contained arts and crafts.  There were pretty quilts, including Amish ones, wedding ring quilts, and patchwork quilts to name a few.  There was even wood working by the Amish that was for sale; like rocking chairs and cradles.  Four-H groups had offerings from their classes.

The next barn we went to was the dairy barn.  This barn contained every kind of cheese that could possibly be made from cow’s milk, goats milk, or sheep milk.  You could sample any cheese you wanted.  You could purchase any of these cheeses.  Borden’s Dairy Farm was the main provider of the dairy products seen here.  They were a local business here in Columbus, Ohio.  Their milk was delivered in glass bottles by the “milkman” to your front door, if you wanted.  Several ice cream companies were represented here and they offered free samples.  One of the big draws to this barn was the “Butter Cow”, a life-sized cow that was sculpted out of butter.  We lingered in this barn for a while.  We were dry and it was cooler in here.

Leaving the dairy barn, we moved on to other buildings.  Most of these we did not stop in.  The smells of “poop” emanating from them deterred our desire to go into them.  Pigs, cow’s, sheep, goats and llamas were not high on our list.  We did stop at the fowl barn, which was less stinky, and looked at the various types of roosters.  The roosters were very beautiful and very exotic looking, in some cases.

Along our way we purchased popcorn and cotton candy.  I’m a big fan of popcorn but every now and then you need the sweet and salty.  We carried on conversations, learning more about each other, and just having a good time.

The rain eventually slacked up enough that we decided to ride a ride.  We opted for the Ferris wheel.  That was where Kurt and I shared our first kiss.

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  1. Bill says:

    Good description and little memories imbedded – e.g., milk delivery in glass bottles.

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