The Song I Wish I Could have Sung

The Song I Wish I Could have Sung
When my senior year in high school came around and I was able to go back to school, I was changed in so many ways that one person could ever imagine being changed. I was left in a wheelchair from the MVA that was caused by the person who was harassing me at the end of my junior year. However, I was changed for the better, shaped into a new profound free spirit which could view things so much clearer. A song that really took place in helping me through my spinal cord recovery, which I know all of you know that was sung by Joe Nichols call the Impossible.

The Lyrics goes:
“Then there was my junior year, Billy had a brand-new car
It was late, the road was wet
I guess the curve was just too sharp
I walked away without a scratch, they brought the helicopter in
Billy couldn’t feel his legs, they said he’d never walk again
But Billy said he would and his Mom and Daddy prayed
And the day we graduated, he stood up to say…”

“Unsinkable ships sink, unbreakable walls break
Sometimes the things you think would never happen
Happen just like that
Unbendable steel bends
If the fury of the wind is unstoppable
I’ve learned to never underestimate the impossible…”

You see I never did get to sing or say that I prayed enough to feel my legs in full or walk again, because in my song that is not the case. When I listen to this song, I could feel the real sorrow of my soul the depths of my wants as a once a flighty but athletic girl had. I cannot say I did not wish and pray for this to happen because I did. But, I did not ponder on this reality very long, instead until one day I realized that this was not my destiny to say God granted my leg’s ability to walk again. Instead, my story was more poetic and motivating.

Impossible brought shame, jealousy, and hate, to my 18-year-old broken life. However, it also brought me to the realization of knowing. I knew that the real fact of the matter, I am still paralyzed in my chair, but I knew then that God was allowing this to be, for a very blessed reason. So, for their forward I did not ponder on the why’s and why not. I decided to lift my head and go on with my life the best I knew to do. For there are things that happen to us that can may seem impossible to live with but fighting against the odds in reality is worth the outcome in the long-run.

When graduation came that spring I wrote a speech in which I quoted a memorable faithful poem and read it to my class in our baccalaureate program. I ended up rolling up on stage and presenting my speech which was one of my best speeches I have ever recited in my whole college experience.

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This is my second class on memoir writing. I plan to one day publish because I feel I have plenty to tell and show others. I was paralyzed in 03 in a bear fatel car wreck and have lived through many other traumatic experiences. I do like to try to be me memorable and a motivation/inspiration to and for other and that is how I write. I am willing to take any critical advise that will better improve my writing.
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