Aunt Rose

This year I going to spend my summer vacation at my Aunt Roses in Bristol New Hampshire. Bristol is a small town but to get to Aunt Rose’s home, I had to go down past the Mica factory, continue on past the power station, cross over this large, iron bridge with wooden planks, where only one car at a time could pass.

Up past the saw mill and through very thickly wooded area was Aunt Rose and her favorite dog “Candy”.

Once all the greetings were finished, I entered the house where a variety of delicious aromas overwhelmed my senses.

In the middle of the knotty pine kitchen was a large, black stove where the snapping and crackling of the wood could be heard.

I could smell the homemade bread and the cinnamon from doughnuts fresh out of the oven.  Lost in all the wonderful aromas, I was startled when my Aunt behind me spoke, “I made some of those small doughnuts you love”. I looked at my Aunt and was about to say something when she continued on, “Your mother told me you would walk all the way into town to the bakery for doughnuts.”

My head was spinning as the rest of the day went by so fast and the last thing I remember was everyone saying, “good night”.

When I awoke, I could hear my Aunt speaking to the dog. As I came down stairs and entered the kitchen the smell of fresh coffee brewing and bacon frying  on the stove. I moved up close to the stove to get warm, since the morning air was chilly up here in the country.

My Aunt came in from collecting some eggs for breakfast and looked at me,  smiling she said, “The morning air is good for you. Are you ready for breakfast?” She asked.

“I’m starving!”.

“Well, you can cut some bread for toast and there is some homemade jam on the sideboard if your uncle didn’t eat it all.” She said with a smile.

All of this had created such wonderful memories for me, that now when I go to New Hampshire and drive past her old home I want to stop for some home cooking and to smell the mingled aromas from the past.

As time marches on, our minds never seem to forget, all those wonderful moments we treasure so fondly.


An aroma or the crackling of firewood can still transport me back into those days gone by.


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7 Responses to Aunt Rose

  1. Gary says:

    That taps into things I have nostalgia for when going past places I once lived that hold memories of the past. Nice turn of phrase at the very end; very thought provoking 🙂

  2. freckles says:

    What a wonderful memoir. Days of old and you had a great grandmother who bakes yummy treats 🙂

  3. jude says:

    Lovely descriptions bringing out all the old style cooking smells in your favourite place. I enjoyed reading this.

  4. terrysmith says:

    I liked the sounds and smells you incorporated into the story. I wanted to visit with your Aunt and have some of those delicious doughnuts! Great memory.

  5. paige says:

    That was good. I’d like to visit Aunt Rose, too

  6. Hana says:

    Good job. I really liked the way you concentrated telling the story from describing the smells. Very nice!

  7. carrieann822 says:

    Lovely descriptions. I noticed you used was, were and could a lot. It might be even more powerful using action words in those sentences. Now I’m craving fresh baked bread. I need an aunt like yours.

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