:esson One 10 possible topics



  1. My mother from adolescence to young adulthood till the birth of her 3 children.
  2. My father from adolescence (studing to be a priest, wroting poety and studying business, being WW II (front lines) till meeting my mom.
  3. Since my strokes and how my faith has sustained me.
  4. My grandfather (mother’s dad) as a baby was abandoned on a doorstep in Italy.
  5. One of my dad’s uncles coming over … what he called was the old county (Italy) with a few diamonds in his pocket ( I know I have heard of stories of people only having some change, if that.
  6. Being at peace with myself.
  7. Being a Catholic and loving being a Christian.
  8. The year of Moves.
  9. Living through scrifices/ trials.
  10. Trusting in my Creator.


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4 Responses to :esson One 10 possible topics

  1. ethroop710 says:

    1, 4, 5 and 8 are all intriguing to me. Thanks for sharing, donnamarie, and I look forward to your future posts. 🙂

  2. donnamarie says:

    thank you bunches ethroop710… i love the feedback i reflect upon them

  3. sharkle says:

    I might be on the wrong track, but I’m not sure writing about family history is the same as writing a memoir, unless you recount it as it was told to you and how it affected you. I could be wrong. Having said that, I think all of your topics are worthy to explore. Personally, I would focus more on the personal recollections, 6-10 unless your heritage stories reflect something about you and your growth/perceptions/etc.

    Looking forward to seeing what you decide to write about!

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