Lesson 3 memoir

exercise 1

my bedroom measured about 9′ x 12′  with 2 double hung windows, with white painted moulding (victorian style) wall painted light aqua green. small closet to store closes and such.  bedroom was located off the kitchen on the interior and a passage way on the exterior … that people and some chosen small cars could use to pass through.

exercise 2

main time frame for memior    2008 – present

exercise 3

1 this made a major change in my life  (because of the 2 strokes I had)

2 2008 presidential election voted in the first black president of the united states. well, actually he is half white.   Maybe mostly white depends how you look at it… his mother bore him, who was caucasean.

3 living in San Diego at the time.

4. Had to move out of my home while i was in rehab, because it was not accessible for me.  so i had to find people to move it and put it into storage for my hospital bed.

5 stopped carrier

6 Moved back to Massachusetts where i am from …no one left other than my brother to help and be with me.

7 needed to  live in a shelter because my brother lived on the 3 floor of and apt bldy and i could not access it.

8 need to live in a shelter (i was very thankful , but what a horror).

9  Could not sing in a choir

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