Lesson 1 – 10 minute writing

It was my sixteenth summer, and we were camping in Lake Tahoe.BY “we”, I mean my best friend Renee and I. We’ll really we weren’t alone, we’d come with her family just like we had last year. We were egocentric teens so the others we were with, really didn’t matter. The camp ground was across the street from the Lake, at the Eldorado Campground. You could see the beautiful clear blue, freezing water right from our camp site and the water was a short walk away. Renee and I were responsible and respectful teens at home so we were given even more freedom in this small town. Renee’s parents rented us bikes so we could travel around and investigate. They weren’t like our 10 speeds at home, these were beach cruisers, but who needed 10 speeds when the whole town was flat. Our homes were situated high on a hill above the rest of our town and every street was terraced. If you didn’t have a 10 speed you were out of luck. Here would have been an easy ride with exception of the high altitude. We planned our day around meals and how far we could get to between the required times we had to be back.

The Supremes were popular that year, so our adventures were set with their music as the sound track to our adventures. “Stop In The name Of Love”, ran through my head continuously as we explored our new area. They sang about love and romance, something we had only recently started to worry about. We both had started dating the past year and boys were a main focus in our lives. We weren’t even sure of what we liked about them, but they consumed a lot of our time and conversation.

At fifteen and sixteen you would have thought we didn’t need a babysitter, but we’d learned last year how fun Harrah’s Babysitting service was. Parents could pay to have their kids entertained while they gambled. It was the first “Club Med” of its kind and we loved it! Usually we were the babysitters of Renee’s two younger siblings. They had their own activities that kept them happy at Harrah’s so we were free to spend our time checking out the boys in our summer paradise. There was a movie we could watch in their small theater, games we could play, many different activities but gravitated to the music were there was a dance floor. Music has played in the back ground of our whole lives, each decade, each relationship. That’s where you’d find us, we loved to dance and watch live musicians play!

We met two brothers that summer, who happen to be staying at the same campground as we were. We hung out with them every night after we met them near dance floor. Other than a school dance we had never been to a dance and could hardly believe it when these two cute guys asked us to dance. The oldest Mike was tall and dark, the younger brother; Scott was a blonde surfer looking guy. They were from South California area just like us. We hit it off immediately these two. Little did we know we were setting up the pattern of what man we were attracted to later in our lives? Renee was always looking for that California Surfer boy and me the California woodsy Nature boy. Intelligence and knowledge was always an aphrodisiac to both of us and these were two interesting brothers.

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Just retired after 37 years as an RN. Looking to write my memoirs.
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  1. Betty Jo Otten says:

    What a sweet story, I was back in time with you. Well written. Betty Jo

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